Gypsy Caravan

In a desperate–though expectedly futile–attempt to find Bard-folk in the vicinity, I searched “Charlotte” on the Bard alumni website. Thee results were largely dismal, though they did turn up a number of alumni by the same name. However, Charlotte,NC did turn up in the January 2010 alumni newsletter with this anecdote:

“Recently I was contacted by a man who, in the late 80’s, met three Bard students on their way back from a Grateful Dead concert in Charlotte. Apparently they stayed in his gypsy caravan on Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and he has never forgotten them – well, actually he has forgotten their names. He has written a story about it and is wondering where they were now. Was that you? Or do you know who it was? If this rings a bell at all, please contact us. I know it wasn’t me…. I think?”


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inconsistent writer, anthropologist-in-training; nacho enthusiast, mostly irreverent 💥
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