Wit and Politics

Some things never change: I always seem to start writing when I’m either in bed. This doesn’t bode well for me because I always wake up the next morning and regret scribing my pre-slumber epiphanies. The other consequence is that my “entire body of work” is comprised of sentence fragments composed in the Notes application on my iPhone. It also means I suffer from hyper mental activity at the precise moment when all I want is to enter a peaceful sleep.

This happened to me last night and about four nights ago when I decided I wanted to start this blog up again. I’m using the term “again” loosely because you’ll notice that this is an inaugural post, of sorts. In truth, I’ve written several posts, but in retrospect, I loathe almost everything I write. So here I am starting a clean slate and joining the masses by starting my post-graduate blog.

You know what though, this blog business is tricky unless you have something really interesting to say. I mean here I am, 22 years old-living in my parents house-with no job. Also, I have several friends who are much more capable in the book review genre so I am going to leave that to them. Then what kind of insight could I possibly give you that you don’t already have or you aren’t likely to acquire by yourself?

My answer to that is “I’m not really sure” but I am going to give it a shot anyways. If for no other reason than the fact that this is like “practicing writing.” I’m recalling all of those first-days-of-school when you sit down to write after summer vacation and realize your handwriting is a little wonky. Well, I am HOPING to go to graduate school in next fall and as far as I can tell, there’s very little wiggle room for wonky handwriting.

This is a pretty existential activity, as is most writing. It takes so much discipline to craft stories and thoughts that have a the perfect triple cocktail of wit, poetics, and thoughtful insight. I don’t have a lot of practice doing that to-date, but I am going to give it a try.

This blog doesn’t have a creative take yet, mostly because I am not cool enough to home in on a single thing and stick to it. Hopefully I’ll take this space as an opportunity to test it all out with some anecdotes, reviews, rants, and musings. In the process, maybe I’ll read a little more, watch better movies, and expand my vocabulary. It’s really a selfish endeavor and I’m just going to drag you along for the ride. What I promise, though, is to avoid making this blog all about me, because really then its just a journal and I’m not really into that. But it might end up being a journal, in which case I apologize in advance.


About anarparikh

inconsistent writer, anthropologist-in-training; nacho enthusiast, mostly irreverent 💥
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